Virtual Business Mailbox scanned to PDF OR Forwarded— Subscription Terms & Conditions

Dear Hamlet Members,

This is a sad Terms and Conditions document but it’s important that anyone receiving any information from Hamlet Coworking now that we are in the process of closing the business permanently and our last physical address location for this business on September 30. Unless you have an otherwise contacted directly regarding your virtual mail address moving to a new business and address your account will be close at the end of September. Again if you are a Virtual Mail address customer this message only partially applies to you. I have reached out to all of those customers and have notified them of our plans to move your account to a different address. Your account will move over to 

We have enjoyed being your service provider of office and meeting space but as you know we are unable to continue beyond September 30. 

Thanks, See you at the mailbox.

Cobot Terms & Conditions

Cobot is the web platform used by Hamlet Coworking to provide this website.

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