Hourly Conference Rooms Membership Terms & Conditions

All memberships require that a credit card or a debit card remain on file to sign up all memberships and keep on on file for the entire term of their Hamlet membership  all of our memberships are subscription-based even those which have no regular monthly fee. Having a card on file allows us to automate the payment process. This automation says every one of us money and time and this enables me to keep my prices lower. All memberships require a deposit equivalent to a one month membership fee, to be paid at the initiation of a new membership. This will be applied as the last month of the membership. All memberships require 30-60 days notice for cancellation.

**Long term membership agreements similar to leases follow the guidelines as prescribed in that agreement or lease. 

Cobot Terms & Conditions

Cobot is the web platform used by Hamlet Coworking to provide this website.

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